About Cointel VAS

We are a leading mobile technology company that facilitates all mobile bearers, ecommerce, applications and voucher solutions. We have been in the industry for over 18 years and have enjoyed year on year growth due to our expertise in keeping up with market trends. We are able to deliver customised solutions to Institutions, Government departments, Networks, Corporations and Individuals.

Our Skills

Our preferred platforms are Linux Based, using Perl, C, Apache and MySQL.

JAVA, Java Scripting
Perl, PHP

Cointel VAS Products



Platform for running USSD services on, includes the ability for you to write your own web services and we will just forward the traffic to you, so you can manage your own service.

We offer complete management & reporting of your USSD Services



  • Manage your bulk or single SMS sends.
  • SMS Reminders
  • Manage simple PR SMS campaigns.



Allows your to create your own advertising system for any HD TV.

You will get access to an administration portal where:
  • You can add/edit/sort/delete advert that will be displayed on your system.
  • Manage advertising groups, ability to show specific adverts only at specific times, or on specific TV's
  • Manage your Advertising System (Which Systems display what content and what systems create a group, for singe display across multiple systems)
  • You can run Video and Picture adverts.



An internal application for store owners and staff to get:
  • The latest news
  • View calendar Events
  • Gallery
  • Surveys
  • Contacts


SMPP Gateway

We provide you with a single SMPP based connection that allows you to send to all the South Africa networks.

SMPP connections are great for true bulk SMS connectivity that is network/carrier grade. Our system supports well over 500 messages per second per bind.

We provide fully automated reporting for SMPP account and notifications for issues.

SMS Client

SMS Client is useful for SME's and Single Owner Companies where you want to send notifications/updates/marketing or reminders to clients.

We provide a fully featured website for you to manage your SMS sends, we also provide a XML based API for companies that want to add automated SMS integration into their systems.



Have your own Platform for Video on Demand or Live Streaming (that automatically converts to Video on Demand).

Register two domains and you can have your own video platform live in minutes.

Configure how your platform runs:
  • Content Quality
  • Billing Services Allowed
  • Subscriber Types
  • Billing per Subscriber Type for each Video/Live Stream

Video On Demand

Host as many VOD's(Video on Demand) as you want. In the qualities you want.

Live Streaming

Push live streaming from either a Computer/Smart Device or Broadcast a Channel.



Comes with a customized Management portal & mobile application for each organization:

Where teachers, Students, Parents, School Administrators can:
  • Homework
  • Test/Exam/Term Results
  • Assignments
  • Manage attendance
  • Study Guides
  • Tuckshop
  • Calendar (Events/Sports/Reminders/Extra Lessons)
  • Gallery
  • Manage Transport for Children
  • Extra Lessons
  • Aftercare
  • Upcoming Events/Sports

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  •   15 Eastwood Road
            South Africa

  •   +27 11 507 4777

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